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For Dog's Sake! by Amy Luwis*

A Simple Guide to Protecting Your Pup from Unsafe Foods, Everyday Dangers, and Bad Situations

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*A portion of proceeds goes to's Veterinary Care Fund
which helps sick & injured homeless pets get the vet care they need.

What People Are Saying About For Dog's Sake!
"I’ve always wanted a diagram to evaluate Zelda’s poo, and now I’ve got it. And although I hope we’ll never use it, I now feel very well versed in the doggy Heimlich maneuver. This book rules.”
— Seth Rogen

" With its hilarious illustrations and pertinent information, Amy Luwis's For Dog's Sake is a must have for any pet owner. Whether you have only just adopted your pet or are a long-term dog owner, you will benefit from reading For Dog's Sake. Best of all, the content is presented in a form that will be understood and remembered by readers of all ages. (Great for kids and adults) Dogs, like children are curious and adventurous, but there are plenty of dangers that we are often unaware of. From poisonous plants to everyday items, Amy Luwis shows the dangers and offers suggestions. She even shows how to give your dog the Heimlich maneuver - a must for those with ball crazy dogs. The hilarious illustrations make the book fun to read, and the information is presented in a way that makes access during an emergency quick and easy. For Dog's Sake is a terrific reference and a great gift for any dog owner in your life. "
Stephenie S, Reviewer
" For Dog's Sake is a must-read book for all dog guardians. It is beautifully organized and illustrated (including a complete index) and is a treasure trove of information that humans need to know. Many of us never stop to think how many everyday essentials in OUR lives can be potentially dangerous to our canine friends. Poisoning is a very real danger in dogs' lives. Even if it only cause minor discomfort, we all need to know what people (and pet) foods to avoid sharing and be alert to warning signs that may indicate the need for treatment. Indoors and out, this book provides many insights into keeping our pets safe. Health and safety is everything for our furry friends. This book will make a wonderful gift for family and friends. I highly recommend it! "
Jeff L, Reviewer
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